Helping Other People Effectively (H.O.P.E.) is stewardship working in our community. Some examples of the work we do:

We could not do this without your volunteering and financial help. Visit the H.O.P.E events page for a list of current events. For further information, contact us at our Parish Centre.

Fundraiser for K. D. Jola Parish Project

“Since 1993, the K. D. Jola Savara Tribal Mission Parish, located in the Diocese of Srikakulam, India, has been focusing on the pastoral, spiritual, social, economical and educational development of the vast population of the area. The diocese is very missionary in its nature. It consists of the poorest of the poor. The parish is in need of a place to contain at least 4500 men, women and children. But at present we have already a small chapel with a capacity of 200 people. Since we already have a chapel, the faithful are hoping to build a community prayer hall. The people are very much community-oriented and such a venue would facilitate the spiritual activities of the parish, community gatherings and meetings. In the parish, the Catholics are very poor. All these people are simple laborers. There is no doubt that their poverty is a great constraint to meet the expenses of the proposed hall. The faithful however, are most willing to contribute free labor. The community hall will be a grace bestowed by your generosity for the people in the decades ahead. Any donations will be truly appreciated.”

― Fr. Balaswamy Kata on behalf of the Montfort Missionaries.

If you wish to donate, special envelopes will be provided at the back of the Church for your contributions (starting February 22nd, 2015).

Social Committee

Members of our Social Committee coordinate and plan, in consultation with our parish priest, several social events that take place at our Parish every year. Their role contributes to fostering a sense of community and promotes the ministry of welcoming all members of the Parish community. Events include our “Annual Parish Barbecue” and our “Annual Christmas Party”. They have also welcomed our First Communion children and their families with a beautiful “Fruit Punch and Cake” social in our Parish Centre last spring.

Members of the Social Committee: Emma Lisi, Joyce Montanaro and Joanne Trottier.

The committee always welcomes new members and helpers, as well as new ideas or suggestions from parishioners.

Almage Centre 50+

As the sole English Senior community Centre in east-end Montreal for more than 25 years, we:

Contact us at 514-355-1712, or email:

The Ladies of Saint Anne

Rosemary Kelahear and a group of very devoted parishioners have been, over the years, an integral part of the community. Through their numerous fundraisers, especially through bingos and raffles, they have donated a great deal of their time and effort to help keep the Parish running, all the while promoting friendship and support to parishioners and their families.