Safety Protocols

Safety protocols during the pandemic

Currently, a maximum of twenty-five (25) people can be accommodated per celebration. In compliance with required health safety measures, entry to the church will be restricted to the main doors on Honoré-Beaugrand St. (corner Ste-Claire). Mask-wearing is obligatory. Parishioners will be asked to sanitize their hands upon entering the church and make their way directly to their pew, maintaining a physical distance of at least two metres at all times. Gathering will not be permitted at the back of the church, either before or after Mass. In addition, no one is permitted to use the washrooms unless it is an emergency.

Distribution of Communion

To proceed for Communion, please approach the centre aisle in single file, maintaining two metres between the person ahead of you. Once you reach the (Extraordinary) Minister of Communion, please extend your hands so he/she can gently drop the host into your palm. Do not consume the host until you return to your seat where you can safely and briefly remove your mask. Please use the side aisles to return to your pew.


After Mass, everyone must exit the church by the side doors located on either side of the altar. We have volunteers in place who will be there to assist and guide you.